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You’ll catch our great tunes mixed in with listener emails and requests, goofy stories from around the world, special features and Westwood One Radio News updates every hour.----- NIGHTTIME: ----- Then it’s time to crank out the rock and roll on the TWELVE HOUR CLASSIC ROCK BLOCK 6PM/6AM.A project to examine the medieval timber-framed buildings of Kent (1) which was established in 1986 examined 74 buildings across the county and firm results were obtained for 53 of them.Nevertheless, data from the study of these buildings established clear dates for certain features such as joint details and mouldings which are known to change chronologically, from which it was possible to gain a much clearer picture of the development of all the buildings in the study.By cross-matching the tree rings of historic timbers from existing buildings with the master chronology, dendrochronology laboratories are able to determine when the timbers were felled.

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By comparing variations in the first 100 years growth (ie the innermost 100 rings) with those of the last 100 years growth (ie the outermost 100 rings) of similar timber felled locally 100 years ago, the match should be immediately apparent.

If the older timber retains its bark, the year that it was felled will be recorded by the outermost ring, the ring which was grown in the year that the tree was felled.

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