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Aaliyah dating dame dash

She was a true triple threat – a singer, dancer and actress – who was poised to become a major star. Both vehemently denied that they were anything more than friends.Her three albums have sold over 32 million copies worldwide. In the mid-1990s, when the Internet was in its infancy, it was far easier for celebrities to keep secrets.When her second album dropped in 1996, she debuted a new look, perhaps to quell the rumors.She took off her sunglasses and combed her hair so that it covered her left eye.He was also married to JAY-Z’s rumored mistress, Rachel Roy, from 2005 – 2009.Join the conversation in the comment section below or talk to us on your favorite social media platforms!Hip Hop entrepreneur Damon Dash, also known as Dame Dash, took to Instagram to honor the late Aaliyah on Tuesday, January 16.Today would have been the R&B star’s 39th birthday, but her life was tragically cut short in a plane crash in the Bahamas on August 25, 2001.

One of her acting roles was playing Akasha in the 2002 vampire film "Queen of the Damned," which was released after her death. via Getty Images), the show gave away a Cadillac Escalade to a fan.

Her uncle Barry Hankerson was a music executive who founded Blackstreet Records and was married to music legend Gladys Knight. Throughout her career she was managed by her mother Diane Haughton.

When she was just 11, Aaliyah performed with Knight for a week at Bally’s Las Vegas Casino. Her cousin Jomo Hankerson executive produced her albums.

The film’s original star, Zendaya, dropped out of the film before it began production.

Alexandra Shipp took over the role and talk show host Wendy Williams became an executive producer.


  1. Apr 13, 2016. Dame Dash Says The Loss Of Aaliyah Turned Him Into An “Animal”. “I lost my girl, a couple years back, Aaliyah in a plane crash. I wasn't expecting that and also my. Aaliyah's M. A. C Collection Gets Summer Release Date.

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