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Online shops offers: Fragrance 4 items for 4.54 - 14.29 USDFragrance EUR 5 items for 5.26 - 13.53 EURFragrance 5 items for 6.29 - 16.19 1 product for 14.75 GBPView products... My best result is #2: spray FN 1st as base, then DKNY as a Sweet Topping, then RUB them together over my skin.

Fancy Nights is a new fragrance by Jessica Simpson. No one has TRIED harder to love this fragrance than I: I've tried layering with DKNY Be Delicious, and even creating a White Chocolate mixture with Praline dominated Playboy VIP platnium. The result is a fascinating interplay of Sweet Apple vs Dry Chocolate Patchouli battle.

I thought I would really like this, because I love deep, dark, mysterious and heavy scents, and my skin finds any sweetness and amplifies it...

so I blind bought, actually encouraged by the polarizing reactions, but this doesn't work with my chemistry at all! that makes me smell like I am sweating out a pound of roasted garlic.

Fancy Nights is a warm spicy chypre reminiscent of vintage perfumes.

For patchouli lovers only, because the patch in this is not messing around.

Fancy Nights conjurs up images of mystery and antiquity... Every now and then the smoky-sweet vanilla rises through the herbal layers and reminds me of vintage Shalimar (yes! The bottle makes me think of some object lifted from the Emerald City in Wizard of Oz.

I love this style from a celebrity, it's quite risk taking and such a departure from the rest of Jessica's fragrance line, which follows the more mainstream trend of sweetness.

I'm really surprised that this was even chosen as a celebuscent and its waaaaay different from what I would expect from a personality as.....frothy as Jessica Simpson. I get quite a few comments when I wear it and they are very positive.At first I was disappointed, but when it dried down it is such a beautiful scent.I can definitely see me out on a date with this scent looking and feeling sexy.(Fancy Love is practically a dupe of Burberry Woman) I did enjoy Jessica Simpson Signature, which was a light refreshing vanilla.But if you're going to try her line, be bold and try Fancy Nights first, for some real old school glamour.If you spray this on your body, your men will run away from you into the arm of another women. I wore patchouli a lot during "The Dark Ages" of avoiding synthetic scent. When it's blended into scents I don't recognize it very well. Not a love because of a sourness but it's interesting. I think I just created a Masculine version of DKNY BE DELICOUS for men ;-) JS-Fancy Night has become an ADDITIVE agent for my overly sweet fragrances.Never expected a scent like this to come from Britney Spears. It's a huge, masculine patchouli bomb that has a cool middle eastern vibe. When I have a Fragrance that is either too Sweet (Playboy VIP Platnium) or fragrance that lean too Feminine (DKNY Be Delicous), a doze of JS-FN add the much needed Testosterone-like Dry Patchouli Base and turn a Masculine fragrance that I can wear proudly. I've try 3 experiments: (1) Mix FN with Be Delicous, (2) spray FN first as BASE then DKNY as TOP, (3) spray DKNY as BASE, then FN as top. JS Fancy Night = Dry Papryus Patchouli bomb, too Masculine for any human.I would definitely wear this to a club or special event.I'm at the 6 hour mark wearing it today and it is still very evident so the longevity is quite good.


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