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Account email and password sex chat

• How can I make my profile hidden from non-members? Unfortunately, once you delete your account, it cannot be undone. You could be blocked from Chat Hour if you sent disruptive messages in our chat rooms or tried to disguise as someone else by creating a similar username (cloning a username).

• Does Chat Hour sell or rent my email address to third parties? Please be careful because this operation cannot be undone. Please note that your email address is blocked from registration for a certain number of days right after you delete your account.

• Someone created a Chat Hour account with my email address without my permission. • What plug-in do I need to install to use the original Chat Hour chat rooms? • I saw the message "UNABLE TO CONNECT" on my chat screen. If you didn't violate any rules of Chat Hour but you got blocked permanently, we recommend you switch to a private computer with its own private internet connection with Static IP option.

• How can I unignore a member I ignored by accident? How do I get back to the original chat room mode (Flash version)? I want to chat but the chat room is not functioning. • I've been using Chat Hour chat rooms for a while. If you created multiple accounts, you are more likely to get blocked too. Unfortunately, you can also be blocked by accident if you share the same computer or the same network as a blocked member. Your block duration depends on the rules being violated and frequency of violations in your network.

It is very common for your photos to be under review if: • You have photos on your profile that do not consider family-friendly • We receive multiple violation reports on your photos or your profile • You use a shared network, an internet proxy service, or a certain ISP with multiple violations in the past • You recently created your account If your photos were banned in the past, it is very likely that your photos will be under review every time you upload a new photo.

You can block a disruptive member by clicking the username you want to block on the chat message screen to view his/her profile, then clicking the stop sign button at the bottom left corner of the profile.

• I saw the message "see you soon" as soon as I log in. Try using other chat rooms if you're unable to use this room.

You do not have to contact us if the situations above apply to you.

Please be patient and just wait for it to clear up.


  1. I've forgotten my password. I know my password. I think someone else is using my Microsoft account Please wait Please wait.

  2. Welcome to Skype. Create an account or sign in, and then you're ready to call your friends free over Skype, and even talk face-to-face on video.

  3. Having trouble connecting to your email from Outlook on your desktop. On the Email tab, choose your account profile, and then choose Repair.

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