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Post-DDT recovery of Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) populations in southern New England and Long Island, New York, 1970–2013. Martin, personal communication) and northern Vermont, with an estimated 150 to 175 pairs nest in the Champlain Valley (J. Maine has never conducted a statewide Osprey survey; available data are mostly incidental to other surveys or from local monitoring efforts. Grant, personal communication) and west through the Finger Lakes to the shores of Lake Erie (;

), where the species is now breeding in all of New Hampshire (C. Distribution may be shifting inland owing to local increases in Bald Eagle population (C. In upstate New York, nesting Ospreys were formerly primarily concentrated in the Adirondacks, but now occur south along the Hudson River as far as West Park (M.

Band recoveries and satellite-telemetry data suggest most overwinter north of the equator, although significant numbers migrate farther south.

The role of Amazonian rivers for wintering ospreys (Pandion haliaetus): Clues from North American band recoveries in Brazil between 19. Nonmigratory populations are found in the western Mediterranean (Corsica, Balearic Islands, Gibraltar, and coastal Morocco and Algeria), Red Sea, Persian Gulf, and Cape Verde (80 pairs) and Canary Islands (7 pairs) ( Cramp, S.

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Monson, personal communication), with a large population in the Flaming Gorge area on both sides of the Utah/Wyoming border (S. Across much of the continent, Ospreys have been expanding their range. Nests have been reported near the Labrador coast at 58.9°N (T. Colorado Bird Atlas Partnership and Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Denver, CO. Isolated pairs occur in northeastern Colorado and eastern Wyoming. The noteworthy absence on the Keweenaw Peninsula may be related to high densities of nesting Bald Eagles (S. In the central prairie states, from North Dakota to Oklahoma, formerly unoccupied, scattered pairs have bred in North Dakota with recent unsuccessful attempts ongoing (L Igl, personal communication), a small population exists in western South Dakota (resulting from relocation efforts) mostly south and west of Rapid City ( and at least 10 nesting attempts with no confirmed successes have been made in Kansas (R. Recent nesting attempts in the reservoirs of eastern Oklahoma (S. Ospreys increasingly observed in recent years (at least through early winter) at scattered inland and coastal locations throughout the U. to extreme southern British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland ( Campbell, R.

Lindsey, personal communication) and Lake Powell (C. species=Osprey), all but extreme southwestern Wisconsin and the Bayfield Peninsula (edu/birds/wbba/species/maps/OSPR.htm), and all but east-central Michigan and the Keweenaw Peninsula (mibirdatlas.org/Portals/12/MBA2010/OSPRcompare.pdf). Banding data show 22% in Caribbean and 78% in South America (, Christmas Bird Count [CBC] data); east to Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona (CBC data); more abundantly along the entire Gulf coast and locally inland throughout much of eastern Texas as far north as Dallas, most of Louisiana, central Mississippi and Alabama; throughout Florida, and along the Atlantic coast (and very locally at inland sites) to the mouth of Chesapeake Bay (CBC data).

is the leading site online for sex dating on the web.In this courtesy review, you can access all the life history articles and the multimedia galleries associated with this species. For complete access to all species accounts, a subscription is required. Enlarge This animation depicts weekly relative abundance estimates, with brighter color representing higher abundance. Indeed, the distribution in 2015 is considerably different from what it was only 15 years earlier. The data for this animation were generated using Spatio-Temporal-Exploratory Models to predict population relative abundance at specific times and locations by relating observations of Ospreys from e Bird to local environmental features derived from NASA remote sensing data.e Bird (e Bird.org) is a citizen science program run by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. There are now breeding records or nesting attempts for all of the lower 48 states of the U. Broadly speaking, as at the turn of the 21) to Newfoundland, with highest densities along the Atlantic coast, particularly around Chesapeake Bay, where the population may exceed 9,000 pairs (B. From the east, the range extends across forested Canada and the Great Lakes region from the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland to Alaska, where breeding occurs to treeline south of the Brooks Range, and as far northwest as the Selawik River (C. Ospreys are largely absent in extreme western Alaska and the mountainous region from the eastern Kenai Peninsula to Glacier Bay ( Campbell, R. "Status of the Osprey in the West Indies." In Proceedings of the Southeastern U. Satellite data show a widespread dispersal across South America, suggesting a bias in band recovery data towards areas of higher human population density, especially the Magdalena River valley in Colombia ( Mestre, L. Molleen, personal communication), with high concentrations along Lake Coeur d’Alene () into central Utah east of Salt Lake at least to the Kolob Reservoir (S. Around the Great Lakes, breeding occurs in all but southwestern and northwestern Minnesota (mnbba.org/blockmap/cresults.php? Most Ospreys nesting in western North America overwinter from southern Texas through Mexico south through Central America; rarely found in South America (). Eastern breeders overwinter in small numbers in the Caribbean and predominantly in South America. ); and through the Rocky Mountains in western Montana (Montana Natural Heritage Program), Wyoming, and Colorado and through most of Idaho (C. Swick, personal communication) where a reintroduction project was carried out, and Iowa ( Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology no. ); see also Migration: segregation on overwintering grounds, below). breeders found from Mexico into South America, with a small number in the Caribbean. "Breeding birds of Washington State." In WA State gap analysis - final report, edited by K. Along the eastern Rockies, the Montana population has expanded east as far as Fort Peck along the Missouri River and along the Yellowstone to Miles City (Montana Natural Heritage Program) and from there down through the Bighorn valley into north-central Wyoming (M. In Colorado the core population occurs in the northern Rockies out onto the east slope, especially from Fort Collins to Boulder in the north and along the Colorado River as far east as Pueblo ( Dwyer, J. In Saskatchewan, the range now extends south into the prairie region to the North Saskatchewan River and the northern arms of Diefenbaker Lake (M. In Manitoba, breeding range has moved south to the southern suburbs of Winnipeg and west of Dauphin Lake and Winnipegosus Lake ( In eastern Canada, the range has extended south in Quebec ( Lamble, personal communication) to Lake Ontario and Lake Erie and is contiguous with the population in Michigan, New York, and New England. S., the formerly disjunct population in Long Island and southern New England has expanded west to merge with the population in New Jersey and up the coast as well as inland through much of Connecticut, Massachusetts as far west as the Connecticut River, merging with northern populations ( Bierregaard, R.


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