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Every event can have up to 50 attributes unique to that event with each attribute having a limit of 255 characters.

Standard events make it easier to analyze user behavior and optimize your app marketing around common business goals such as driving user registrations or purchases.

This will help you quickly set up Localytics in your project by automatically including receivers and services in your Android Manifest.

To use manifest merging, the Localytics SDK relies on the presence of a Localytics attempts to upload user data quickly to our backend to power time sensitive messaging use cases.

If you do not set a known user ID, then the Localytics SDK automatically generates an anonymous profile ID.

Each time you set the value of a profile attribute, you can set the scope to "app-level" or "org-level".

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Each profile is identified by a unique user ID that you provide to Localytics via the SDK.

Upon foregrounding, the Localytics SDK automatically creates and uploads a "start session" datapoint that captures many details about the user's device (e.g., device model, OS version, device IDs) and is used for powering charts within Localytics.

Upon backgrounding, the SDK marks the current time.

When the user returns to the app later and it has been more than 15 seconds (or a manually set session timeout) since the user had last backgrounded the app, the SDK will close the previous session by creating a "close session" datapoint, create a new "start session" datapoint, and upload both of these datapoints.

If the user foregrounds the app within the session timeout of the previous backgrounding, the previous session is resumed as if the user had not left the app at all.


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