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Asian men have trouble dating

Therefore, being a hapa male is often being a contradiction in the sense that you are exactly what your parents were against: an asian men.

White man with yellow fever: I love asian women and I'm glad there are asian women like your mother that like better us white men than you asian men.

Which I think makes my perception worse than if I was just an Asian-American.

I used to blame the white guys for having yellow fever and stuff.

So its not some abstract racial myth, but their own offspring.

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btw:if asian women hate you so much, then why dont you date a latina, black, hapa, or white woman instead. Your success in dating or finding a mate doesn't depend on the skin your bones are wrapped up in.

I only know whites from my dad side, can't read Asian language, have barely any contact with my mom's family in Asia.

And just culturally am pretty much a typical white-guy in an Asians body.

I feel like an African born to a white slave owner or a Jew born to a Roman conquerer. In fact, asian women that married white men did so because they preferred white men and even though there is nothing wrong with it, it still creates a problem because an hapa male is still an asian male in our society, especially in the eyes of white people.

Growing up as a hapa male, you understand that your mother is like those asian american women going for white men and your dad, well, a white man having a yellow fever.


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