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I remember attending Whitehawk Infants school at age three because my Dad had just died and my Mum had to work. They had fantastic play equipment including a red roundabout for two which you used to pedal and it went really fast.I can remember me and a boy called Jimmy Taylor making ourselves sick after our free bottle of milk in the morning.Miss Coo was the Headmistress and she was a twin, like my Dad.Safe childhood days in the pool Black Rock Swimming Pool was magic.The boys were Derek, Stan, David, Denis, Terry and me Colin and the girls were June and Janice.Our house was a three bedroomed end of terrace with a huge garden which blended into the race hill below the old people's homes on, I think it was Manor Farm.

My dad was a tram driver and he took me with him to Whitehawk bottoms, as we called it, when the houses were to be built, and started to dig up a small pear tree, when the "owner" came along and asked him to pay for it, which he did, about half a crown, I believe.

My Mum and Dad (sadly dead for many years) were one of the first families to move in during the 1930s and remembered the pig farms and allotments that filled the whole valley.

I think Whitehawk Road was the first built and the football pitches were formed from all of the chalk and soil that was moved as the houses were built.

I have travelled all over the world as a civilian and in the military.

I have had over 60 different postal addresses in my 54 years, but Whitehawk was where I learnt about life, both its ups and downs.


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