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You will be one of a small elite number of members who will be personally looked after and supported by the Founder, Eleanor.Our private chauffeur, Charles will personally collect you from your home address and bring you safely to our head office.Due to the location of the city there is a good mix of both Southern and Northern travellers who visit Birmingham and attend our events.Many also suggest that the dating community in Birmingham is less pretentious and striking up a conversation with people is much easier than in other cities.

We are the experts and we are here to make that change and fast track you to that someone special.All ABIA member agencies subscribe to the ABIA Code of Practice – your assurance of a fair deal.Although each has its own unique selling points, all ABIA member dating agencies have a strong commitment to providing professional singles with excellent service._______________________ This membership is offered with limited availability and is offered at the sole discretion of the Founder Eleanor de Goni-Parks.If you require a superior, tailor made service, rest assured that the Founder Membership will be perfect for you.The great thing about going on dates in Birmingham is that there everything is so close together, one minute you could be having lunch in the Mailbox and then a short canal side walk and you could be sitting in a bar in Brindley Place.A great city that has shown that it’s regeneration has made it a great place to live, work and visit.Your safety is of the utmost important to us and the vehicle which will collect you is from our own in house fleet of cars.The YW operates two confidentially located shelters for women and children fleeing abusive homes. Call our 24 hour Crisis Line at 205-322-4878 or 1-800-650-6522This program links a victim, whether in a shelter or still at home, with a professional advocate who provides guidance through the often-intimidating legal system.We devise creative marketing solutions across traditional and digital platforms through integrated design, PR and events.Our mission is to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients by using exceptional creativity and outstanding craft – all done with a smile.


  1. Core Marketing, leading Birmingham creative design & digital agency offering Branding, Creative, Digital Marketing, PR & Events in Birmingham, West Midlands

  2. Personal dating service. Across the Room is an established dating agency that has been. Across the Room is one of the most reputable dating agencies for.

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