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In order to chat between an i Phone and a Galaxy S 4, however, both devices need to use Chat On. It lets i Phone, i Pad and i Pod Touch users send messages back and forth through the devices' data connection.On the i Phone, messages that can't be pushed through i Message (for whatever reason) are delivered via SMS as a back-up.Most mobile professionals should be familiar with Skype, which not only powers free Skype-to-Skype messages, but also Vo IP-based phone and video calls.Skype is a cross-platform service that is available to Android, Black Berry, i OS, and Windows Phone devices, as well as tablets and desktops.It is popular because it works with a wide range of smartphones.Whats App recently claimed that it has more daily users than Twitter. You should also try out You Roam, which will lets you use your phone number anywhere in the world without roaming costs.The last of the major OTT mobile chat apps is Whats App, which has seen phenomenal growth in the last year.

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Some of the more popular include Black Berry Messenger, Chat On, i Message, Facebook Messenger, Google Talk/Voice, Kik, Skype, Viber and Whats App. Some work only with other devices running the same platform, while others only work with devices using the same app. Black Berry Messenger is Black Berry's age-old messaging service.

Facebook is pushing hard to be the mobile messaging platform of choice for many users.

It fact, it recently updated its Facebook Messenger app to include a unique new feature called Chat Heads.

This is why they also offer messaging buckets, which typically cost , , or extra per month for some preset number of messages (up to and including "unlimited").

Some carriers, such as Sprint and T-Mobile USA, include unlimited messaging in their basic voice, messaging and data plans.


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