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(My fave: “I told our dog that you died.” Hahahahaha.) Now I bring you The 25 Funniest Ecards About Love, Dating and Marriage.These cards run the relationship gamut, from what it’s like to date (the good, the bad and the bumping uglies) to the solid courtship phase (where you’re comfortable enough to fart but you still get raging boners for each other) all the way through the mutual acceptance of mediocrity that is marriage. I’m feeling like a bitter, wealthy, urban sophisticate.) Enjoy!It's pretty hard out there for your modern relationship.It’s that time of year again when friends and family think about the Christmases of the past and plan for the coming holiday with their loved ones in mind.As you write your messages, take the time to make a Christmas wish for each and every person on your list.

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Happy Anniversary, personalized messages, optional photos Front: Our Love Has Been A Journey I couldn't have known when we first met that everything in my life before then had been leading me to you...

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A card for when you're kind of together but it's not a big deal.

their own form of it, comprising efficient meet-ups at bars and coffee shops -- than expensive dinner dates.

Millennials like their "hookup culture." They might want to get married, someday, maybe?


  1. Great as a quasi-anniversary card, Valentine's Day card, Birthday Card, or any. Awkward Dating Card. 1+. Greeting cards for the relationships we really have.

  2. May 22, 2015. 20 cards get real about how couples feel about each other - Funny. The "just started dating and under the illusion we're the most special couple in the. Tags couple, romance, relationship, love letters, greeting cards, love.

  3. Now I bring you The 25 Funniest Ecards About Love, Dating and Marriage. These cards run the relationship gamut, from what it's like to date the good, the bad.

  4. Design your own anniversary cards for him with Cardstore. All the love we've known. personalize with your own photos. More from American Greetings.

  5. The best Flirting Memes and Ecards. See our huge. Card type Someecards. Happy Mother's Day to someone I'd love to recklessly impregnate this weekend. I'm looking to. Let's try having sex before we rush into dating. Love Coupon.

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