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This is what it looks like in Context Free.js: lpha of -.9), and then a smaller black square.The large transparent white square acts to fade out more and more of the previous DOTs that have been drawn (it’s a standard trick for doing motion blur effects).No need to muck around with server-side black magic.With the addition of arbitrary transforms to Safari 3.1, all modern browsers, except IE, support Canvas fully enough to run Context The code that does the compiling and render is open-source and available here.

The first problem I ran into was that whilst the Canvas specification does support setting the transformation matrix, it does not support getting the transformation matrix.Computers programs lost something important when displaying a splash of color stopped being one line of code.As a kid, I remember being able to type “plot x,y” on the Apple II to throw up a phosphorescent splotch.When the simplicity of the one-line plotter went away, so did the delight at being so effortlessly generative—in a visual way—on the computer. It’s like a grown up version of Logo (or at least the Turtle Graphics part of Logo). It has goodies like a gallery to see other people’s art, the ability to view the source-code of any piece of art, and the ability to save the art to your desktop with a single right-click (that comes along for free, more on this in a second).It works best in Firefox 3, but should also work in Opera and Safari.Open-web technology helps to break down the silos of inaccessibility: backgrounds images done with Flash have never been adopted because of the heavy-weight feel, as well as the lack of interoperability with the rest of the DOM.As Canvas takes becomes more wide spread, I’m looking forward to an explosion of infographics and other data visualizations that weren’t possible before without a heavy server-side setup, or without a compile step that breaks the ability to view-source-and-learn cycle of the web (Flash, Java, &c, I’m looking at you). Let’s start by making a circle: We’ve added a single line which says that part of the rule for “shape” is to draw itself, scaled down by half, with a slightly increased brightness, drawn on the left side of its parent circle. Now let’s go to the right, as well as the left: It’s much longer, involves more setup, and more fiddly calculations.In fact, the entire Context source is as long as the setup function.Of course, by simplifying so much in Context Free.js, we’ve also removed the flexibility affords.Algorithm Ink uses open-web, standards-based tools: no plugins required.It uses Canvas to to the drawing, and Javascript to compile and interpret the Context Free grammar.


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