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That is, after it is purified using the new distillation process which separates pure aether and its volatile counterpart, aetherflux.

A metal that forms the body and power of the shard Ruin.

The English word is used both as a noun and an adjective and is derived from the Latin: adamans, adamantem [accusative] referring to the property of impregnable, diamondlike hardness, or to describe a very firm/resolute position, itself from the Greek word adamastos meaning untameable. Adamant and the literary form adamantine (utilising the suffix -ine meaning 'of the nature of' or 'made of') occur in many works.

In mythology Kronos was said to have used an adamantine sickle to castrate his father Uranus; in Prometheus Bound, Prometheus is bound to the rocks "in adamantine bonds infrangible", in Virgil's Aeneid (in which the gates of Tartarus are protected by columns of solid adamantine) and in Paradise Lost, in which adamant and adamantine are mentioned eight times to describe the gates of hell, Satan's shield, fallen angel's armour and Satan's chains.

A fictional metal alloy that appears in the Marvel Universe, first appearing in Marvel Comics' Avengers #66 (July 1969), by writer Roy Thomas and artists Barry Windsor-Smith and Syd Shores.Although it is first presented as part of the character Ultron's outer shell, The defining quality of adamantium is its practical indestructibility.Adamantium is not depicted as being a naturally occurring metal but rather as having been inadvertently invented by the fictional American metallurgist Dr.The word adamant is used as the basis for other fictional materials such as Adamantium (see below), Adamantite (see below), Adamantle (from the Sims), and Adiamante (from L. In Final Fantasy it is a material used to create armour, its source being from another world and its properties including being able to contain great amounts of energy.In World of Warcraft, it is an uncommon ore used to produce weapons and armour of uncommon, rare and epic grade.If an Allomancer burns the metal, it allows the user to see a few seconds into the future as a ghostly image overlaid on the present.This allows the user to gain a significant advantage in combat, as it allow them to know every move their opponent will make.This list contains fictional chemical elements, materials, isotopes or subatomic particles that either a) play a major role in a notable work of fiction, b) are common to several unrelated works, or c) are discussed in detail by independent sources.As a noun, adamant has long been used to designate any impenetrably or unyieldingly hard substance and, formerly, a legendary stone/rock or mineral of impenetrable hardness and with many other properties, often identified with diamond or lodestone.In-game, Bavarium- in its refined form, at least -is shown to be highly volatile and prone to large, violent explosions- a small Bavarium-based charge is capable of instantly destroying all but the largest of the game's Chaos Objects.A metallic element with variable properties; a substitute for any unspecified substance or element; or in science fiction writing, a substance or process invented to circumvent explanation or impossibility.


  1. Curriculum games on arrangements of atoms, based on NGSS & state standards. Tags reaction, chemical, molecule, atom, element, reactant, product.

  2. May 5, 2015. Putting “I won three games in a row” on your resume probably isn't going. that has players attempting to make compounds using the element cards. game into production, but to date it has managed to secure $62,000 from.

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