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For more news from Chief of Naval Personnel - Diversity Directorate, visit navy.mil/local/cnp-diversity/.

The current version can be found at: General Management Security and Safety Services/05-300 Manpower Personnel Support/5370.2

Chiefs, by long-standing custom and tradition, are considered separate and distinct leaders within their assigned command.

They serve as leaders to the entire unit, not just to those within their chain of command.

"The updates specifically dictate that the Navy fraternization policy prohibiting certain types of relationships is applicable to relationships with members of other U. armed services and with members of foreign military services," said Lt. Kim Dixon, spokesperson for the Navy's chief of personnel's diversity directorate which issued the change.

"As a result of a scheduled policy review, it was determined the policy needed to be updated," said Cmdr.


  1. Dating; Sex; Dating Sites Reviews. U. S. Coast Guard. the Coast Guard Auxilary rivals in size the active U. S. Coast Guard. The Aux supports the active.

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