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Daba dating a banker anonymous sex dating in breed wisconsin

Would it be good to share a passion for your career?

Would it be helpful to have someone with whom you could share lengthy and inspiring discussions?

Learn more on her website, a community for single career women and the men who date them:

This could apply to male or female bankers, or career singles in general). MUTUAL INTERESTS AND INTELLECT IS IMPORTANT: When looks fade and novelty of another background wears off, what will you talk about?

Are you projecting all kinds of unfavorable stereotypes on successful single women as a result?

And, for women, are you embarrassed about dating a less successful man who could love and support you and encourage you to succeed at your dreams?

Some single women who love bankers retract their love when ‘status’ falls away.

We recall the DABA girls (Dating a Banker Anonymous) covered in the NY Times who started a group for girlfriends of bankers during the recession.


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