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Dating a higher social class dating site for sex

Love is real and wanting to be married matters more to young people’s love lives than anything else, he says, “or whether you are beautiful or not so good looking.” Also see: Can you judge a man by his car (or his apartment)?

Money trouble is commonly cited as one of the major reasons people break up; a study by Learn Vest found that nearly on in four (24 percent) of Americans have split with a partner because of financial issues.

But a new study is prompting me to back up a bit and look at the big picture.

Both genders reported nearly equally that being with someone physically attractive “to them” is important.

“This is a study of what determines the qualities one is looking for in a mate,” says Roger Friedland, visiting professor of media, culture and communication at New York University, who has studied the behavior of American college students.

“It does not study who they actually mate with, the way they mate with them or the quality of the relationships they found,” Friedland said.

Being kind and having good manners also helps.” Read: 10 things married couples won’t tell you The study may help people understand why the advertising industry (and society) puts so much emphasis on women being thin, “part of which is driven by pressure to attract a partner,” Frederick says.

And it may also throw light on why men strive so aggressively for higher income and assertively negotiate for raises, “because income affects not only their ability to pay for dates but also their likelihood of attracting a partner.” The fashion industry rarely focuses on advertising clothes to plus-size women and one major Harvard University study recently found that men are four times more likely to negotiate pay than women.


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