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“I’d stress that making time for others, having that balance, and having a little separation from your partner will really help slow down your relationship if you feel it’s going too fast.” Whether it be a week or just weekday evenings, spending time apart will allow you to step outside of the relationship bubble.

Once you’ve had a conversation with your SO about taking things slower, stick to your guns.

“You should feel comfortable having a conversation about how far you want to go, and it shouldn't be a problem with either person.” If you feel like you and your SO are on different pages, sit them down and have a conversation with them about how you’re feeling.

When Elizabeth Beanland, a senior at University of Massachusetts Amherst, went through this with her relationship she found that taking a week apart from her partner helped re-do the pace of the relationship.

“In our case, we needed to spend a good week apart to hit the ‘refresh’ button and slow things down.

If you find that you do want to slow your relationship down, the biggest step you should take is to communicate with your partner.

You can’t slow down a relationship if you’re the only person who knows that things are moving a bit too fast.


  1. May 28, 2017. READ ALSO 10 Dating Red Flags Guys Hope You Don't Notice. And by slow, he means never going above zero MPH on the relationship.

  2. Aug 10, 2016. You've been dating for years, and you finally found someone wonderful hooray. It's not every day that you meet someone you truly connect.

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