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This study is aimed at estimating genetic parameters of hatchability traits and determining the relationship between yolk nutrients and chicken embryonic survival ability in order to identify important metabolites for the embryonic health of chickens and other species.

In chapter 2, the functions of egg yolk metabolites were further discussed.

We summarized the literature from the past decades on finding metabolites in egg yolk and albumen that impact embryonic survival ability and on determining the function of different nutritional components during distinct stages of incubation.

This paper deals with the nucleic-acid contents of the liver as a site of synthesis of the yolk-precursor, a hormonal stimulator of the synthesis, and the relationship between serum protein and the nucleic-acid content of the liver. In the first experiment, the average content of desoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) per 100g of fresh liver tissue was smaller in the laying hen than in other groups, but that of ribonucleic acid (RNA) per 100g of fresh liver tissue was larger in the laying hen than in the others.

Hatchability is an important trait for the chicken industry because of its high impact on chicken output.


  1. Date of correction 2008/03/10. The purpose of the present work is to clarify the mechanism of egg-yolk deposition in the ovary by means of a biochemical method. 100g of fresh liver tissue was smaller in the laying hen than in other groups.

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