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Dating information age

There’s more potential but the potential remains unrealized.

These days, when a relationship does start, the primary form of communication is often texting.

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Consequently, it can feel like no one is ever good enough to stop searching for better.(Or better yet, stop by in the flesh.) When beginning a new relationship, REFRAIN from surfing the online dating world (chasing the better) until you are sure that the new person you are considering is not going to be your person.Give each person you date your full attention, one at a time.But given what’s to come, even Tinder may soon seem almost quaint.Within the next two decades, experts say technology will have advanced to the point that if you're looking for love, you'll be able not just to meet potential mates and chat with them online but also go on realistic virtual dates without leaving home.Do I really want a real relationship and if so, am I willing to do the work to create it?RECOGNIZE that real relationships (with humans, not robots) take effort and time, are not easy and never without discomfort.Use it only as a last resort, for example, when running late for a date.Make an explicit agreement with your partner to communicate by telephone first, and email as a second option.Dating in the age of technology presents challenges that can be difficult even for the most confident of daters.It is now possible to know if and when someone has read our text, which means that if our recipient has indeed read our words but not responded, or chosen not to read it at all, to leave it in the dreaded , we are forced into the often unkind and frequently brutal hands of our inner dating critic.


  1. What Love in the Information Age Asks of Us. February 06, 2017. Online dating has exploded in popularity. That's a lot of change in a little time. So how do we.

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