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Inevitably ISIS calls on its network of spies and terrified informers to ensure that those who ignore the ban suffer harsh punishments - demanding locals report anybody who continues to keep pigeons on the roofs of their houses to the local religious police, known as the Hisbah.

Top down: The Islamic State's harsh treatment of anybody involved with pigeons is believed to come straight from senior figures within the terror group, such as the leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi himself Heavily armed: When rumours of an ISIS ban on pigeons began to circulate earlier this year, it was widely assumed that it was related to the birds being used to either smuggle anti-ISIS messages or cigarettes A previous version of this article made reference to the phrase "revealing the genitals" in relation to the pigeons.

And if a friend of yours is dating secretly, don’t share in his or her course by helping to cover it up.“Often, at least one friend knows about the situation but chooses not to say anything because of a ‘don’t-tell’ mentality,” says Carol.

“Many keep their dating secret by lying to their parents about where they go,” says 17-year-old Beth.

It has since been claimed that the use of the phrase was idiomatic and our article has been updated accordingly.

The site dating-50has mostly english words in its hostname.

If attackers acquire knowledge of these approved referers, which is often trivial because many sites follow a common template, they can use that information combined with this exploit to gain access to the materials.

The phrase 'revealing the genitals' is apparently idiomatic, and the ban is claimed to be designed to ban pigeon keepers from peering into neighbours' homes.

Such proxies may also present privacy issues for users, as they may log the user's activity.

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Sending no referrer information is not technically spoofing, though sometimes also described as such.

In software, systems and networks testing, and sometimes penetration testing, referer spoofing is often just part of a larger procedure of transmitting both accurate and inaccurate and both expected and unexpected input to the HTTPD system being tested and observing the results.


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