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Dating private school

My issue lies in the fact that there are obviously people out there who view this as a valid division in terms of building a relationship.There’s enough class segregation appearing in every day life as it is.They said: ‘Where you went to school is just another filter you can use to help you find the right person, as you’re more likely to share similar hobbies and interests based on where you studied.

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https://t.co/zjayc Aa OXb— Nicholas Dunn-Mc Afee (@Nicholas HDM) April 11, 2018It’s hard to remain neutral with a topic like this.In that sense, you really need to stand out if you're going to launch one, and this latest idea is certainly… Yes, a new app to match people who went to private school is set to be released, and it gets even better – the name is Toffee (yes, we totally heard that in Georgia Toffolo's voice)."Toffee knows and research shows that opposites don't always attract, so the app intelligently brings together people with similar backgrounds and shared experiences who are more likely to stick together," co-founder Lydia Davis explained.As examples of interests that users can input through "sliders" to check compatibility with potential partners, some of those cited include "horse racing" and "rugby". Will a lot of people who wear Ralph Lauren want to use it? So, because I am a good investigative journalist, I joined.Now, I’m 27 years old, so I don’t consider where I went to school to be an important or salient part of my personality.Public school parties like the Feathers and Capital VIP, which are like teenage nightclubs for posh kids, where children from the same backgrounds can be thrown together with a decent chance of creating a dynastic marriage, have been going for years.And, to be totally honest, would you really want to date the kind of person who cares a lot about where you went to school?Turns out everyone loves a freebie, despite their place of education or inherent wealth.Set up by Lydia Davis, 36 and a professional matchmaker she insists the app isn’t there to promote snobbery. (If the potential suitors both hail from privileged backgrounds of course.)“The premise is simple: if you attended a fee-paying school, you can sign up and flick through potential matches who have a similar background. You’re probably going to have strong feelings on this one. I now have the dubious honour of being a ‘founder member’ of Toffee. It’s called Toffee, and the inventors claim that because people generally want to socialize with those who share their background, toffee just cuts the corners and allows you to avoid meeting people from different backgrounds. (After giving my long suffering husband the heads up).


  1. Apr 13, 2018. Is this the most tone-deaf dating app? Toffee, which will be launching this spring, is the world's first dating app aimed at people who went to.

  2. Apr 12, 2018. Toffee Dating will charge users £4.99 merely for the privilege of downloading and then a further £4.99 per month they want to continue that.

  3. Apr 23, 2018. I do sympathise with Lydia Davis, who has launched a new dating app called Toffee Dating, “for people on the posher end of the spectrum”.

  4. Apr 12, 2018. When news broke about the new dating-app Toffee, which is exclusively designed for privately educated people, some were quick to form an.

  5. Apr 16, 2018. That's just one of the many problems toffs face on regular apps, but thankfully a dating app exclusively for people who went to private school is.

  6. Apr 13, 2018. Toffee is set to launch and people are having a field day on social media.

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