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These grants have led to the creation or modernization of several geoscience courses: GEOL/METR/OCN 405, "Planetary Climate Change", which investigates the dynamics of climate change and is aimed at geosciences majors and future high-school science teachers; a course for future K-8 teachers; and the Department's introductory geology, oceanography, and meteorology courses for non-majors. D, Atmospheric Science, State University of NY at Albany At SFSU since 1988 Phone: (415) 338-1778 Office: TH 609E-mail: [email protected] and/or Teaching Area: Physical meteorology; tropical climatology, applications of GPS technology to meteorology In Fall 2012 I completed eight years as chair of the Department of Geosciences. Physical Oceanography - University of Rhode Island At SFSU since 1998 Phone: (415) 338-1209; (415) 338-1963 Offices: 515 Thornton Hall and RTC 36-503A E-mail: [email protected] Website Research and/or Teaching Area: Hydrodynamics of coastal areas and current systems along continental margins The new undergraduate degree in meteorology and oceanography means that my teaching duties are being shuffled.The changes to the latter also dramatically upgraded the preparation and support that we provide to our graduate teaching assistants. This position helped me get a broader perspective on the issues facing geoscience education across the country. For my first four years at SFSU I taught the GE class, Geol 102: Introduction to Oceanography and a series of graduate oceanography classes that attracted mostly students pursuing the MS in Marine Biology.Of 71 current Law School professors and assistant professors, 11 are women, five are black, one is Native American and one is Hispanic, said Mike Chmura, spokesperson for the Law School.

According to Schorr, the Law School has not hired an openly Republican professor in 20 years The dating app's value proposition: quality over quantity with a machine learning algorithm that provides users with one match each day at noon and a system that allows women to rate the men they date in real life."Faculty diversity and curricular diversity go hand in hand," Reyes said."The hiring committee loves to hire corporation and tax professors," who are predominantly "white males." Kirkland and Ellis Professor of "The fact that there never have been Asian Americans, Native Americans, gays, lesbians, Latinos, Latinas and women of color [on the faculty] is a subject of major concern," said Wilkins, who is black.A national movement toward science education reform was gathering momentum, fueled by grant money and stimulated by new ideas and research about teaching and learning.California had approved a new set of content standards for future high school science teachers. At about that time, Karen Grove (then department Chair) and I had become both dissatisfied with traditional science teaching and convinced that improving teacher preparation in science was important.Finally, the grants also paid for 35 networked Mac laptop computers and prompted the remodeling of Rooms 604 and 513 of Thornton Hall to create new, combination classroom/computer labs, which have stimulated teaching experiments in several additional classes. Natural disasters such as the 2011 Japan quake and tsunami and hurricane Sandy in 2012 highlight the need to to provide our students with best possible education so they can contribute to the solution of these problems In recent years I have had the opportunity to visit Cuba, my native country, and to establish collegial working relationships with Cuban meteorologists. In addition I developed a class to teach the MATLAB programming language.(However, it has also meant more work--maybe too much! I am working with American colleagues to extend to Cuba the network of ground based GPS receiving stations (known as "COCONet") that can detect in real time the amount of water vapor present in the atmosphere. With the new degree I will start teaching more majors classes.In response to criticism of the current administration, Chmura pointed to "good progress in recent years."According to Chmura, of the 21 professors appointed since 1989, 10 were women or minorities.In addition, all three of last year's appointees were women.What are the meridional and zonal SST gradients off the Calif David Dempsey Professor of Meteorology B. Mathematics and Atmospheric Science, University of California, Davis Ph. Atmospheric Science, University of Washington, Seattle At SFSU since 1989Phone: (415) 338-7716Office: TH 610Site Manager, Weather Graphics and Simulation Laboratory E-mail: [email protected] Website Research and/or Teaching Area: Dynamic meteorology, mesoscale meteorology, coastal zone systems The year was 1999.The dot-com bubble was stretched (almost) to bursting.


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