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Dating sarah is not like dating liz

The financial assistant of the company supposedly controls the finances, and work on the site is almost completed, but low and behold, a safety inspection revealed the need for more equipment, and Rodney doesn’t have enough money provisioned! So I thought🙄Will ANYONE, who has been scammed by Rob Schmidt, aka, "Very Convincing," please contact me? I have been getting many calls from that area code since I blocked my scammer. My police said if I play along with him I am as guilty as he is and they could not do nothing for me. Take care and be careful they are using you and playing with your feelings and your heart.He will ask for good faith money to send to his friend in Nigeria, who supposedly sends thousands, etc. My yahoo email is filled with many Korean porn sites and young porn sites. I went back to some of the emails I sent him and they have my email and his email on them so he was getting my emails I received also. Please Wake up before you lose money and your dignity before its to late. I'm keeping in touch with my scam-muffin as I want to figure out exactly where he is.I said what do you think I’m that stupid and his phone number is from Queens NY. Well he got a little mean and blocked me from hangouts and messenger.

My satisfaction was that the 4 hrs he was talking to me nonstop he wasn’t trying to scam somebody else. Two profiles one he lives in Buffalo NY and has a boy James in boarding school in Texas and Donald is his friend who looks after him.Plus how many times do you have to be asked for money before you realize it is fake. Read about young nigerian men marrying old white women, people there think it is stupid.One Australian woman was found dead 4 days after meeting her love and all she had left was . Come on be honest, they looked for you to rob and if you keep talking to them, it is your fault for believeing a lying young man in Nigeria.They have phones from all over USA and 234 is the area code for Nigeria. Also there is no way of telling how many friends he has on whatsapp.Come on stop talking to them and if you get hurt, it is because you did not block and delete. If they had these big contracts, they wouldn't need your money. They use every excuse in the book and you fall for it.And besides all that these oil companies are not going to let the rig stay broken down because they lose money. The scammer left his porn on my site and now all these women email me. He thinks God will take care of him but what about the wrong he did to me.These scumbags can't talk all day on the rig, because they have to work. How do you think they fall in love with you in a week. Find someone you can see and that is willing to meet you. The many lies to take my money saying he was an oil rigger which was not true and he even said he would pay it back just to get more.He gave me much pain and grief so watch out for: Jakewaller60 and Jeffblak01 on Twitter as he is a charmer and very smart.But what I as a women want is a man who cares and loves me, not a man that just takes what is mine to make it his own without any support. If you want me to get in touch with you, leave me your email or whatever way you want to play it safe.He is [email protected] he wanted 0 worth of Amazon cards. The second one is William Bradley, with a picture of a cute little boy with black curley hair and blue eyes. That’s where I met him on Facebook and he has two accounts but the only difference is where he lives and the picture of him. We stopped talking but then I figured let me have some fun with this.He wanted 2 phones through Verizon and a Play Station 4. I begged for his forgiveness and we started talking again and wouldn’t you know he wanted my information from my Verizon account - everything from password, pin, user name and security questions so he could get his crew phones and lines on it and the company would pay the monthly bill Lol.


  1. Oil Rig engineer for dating scam. by Nancy USA I had a fun time with my scammer. We were both on a dating site and he quicky asked me to.

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  3. Anyway, it’s something I didn’t expect about online dating, and it was not fun. I feel like online dating is considered a must if you are single nowadays.sarah — May 16, 2014 @ am Reply. @ The Lemon Bowl — May 19, 2014 @ pm Reply. I love this post and love how well you express yourself.

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