Dating transformers

After it was done, Optimus was back and he states to Megatron "Megatron! " The team went back to base to celebrate the return of their beloved leader.When Arcee was attacked by Nemesis Prime, she felt wary when she thought it was Optimus.Arcee and Cliffjumper escaped from Decepticon captivity on Cybertron together, working together in sabotaging a prototype spacebridge and injuring Shockwave in the process.

In Out of the Past, Arcee spoke about how she and Cliffjumper were captured to Miko.In Partners, after being injured by Starscream and letting go of their prisoner, Arcee blamed herself for the teams' chance of winning the war.Optimus tells her that it is the external wounds that heal the quickest and that wisdom cannot be granted but earned. She and the other Autobots came to his aid after he began to lose in his battle against Unicron after he told them to remain at base and fought by his side until he was tricked by Megatron into joining the Decepticons after reverting back to Orion Pax.Optimus replied by stating that it may not be the way they would go out and if they were to become one with the All Spark.His speech was cut short when Arcee reached out her left hand to hold Optimus's left hand and they both held each other's hand.In Predacons rising, Optimus mentioned Cliffjumper's noble sacrifice and Arcee mourned over Cliffjumper. Even though Optimus is a lot taller than Arcee, she's his best fighter, his go to gal whenever he needs someone to talk with.Arcee sees Optimus Prime as a great leader and friend, even stating to Ratchet once that she would give her life for him.When the Scraplets came at them, Optimus immediately places himself in front of Arcee without any hesitation to protect her.Arcee went with Optimus and Bulkhead to the Arctic to fight off Decepticons during their use of a laser there.Tailgate was Arcee's first partner and close friend.In Predatory, Arcee recalls a flashback about talking with Tailgate in asking for directions and bantering with him over her comm unit as she runs through the ruined buildings on Cybertron.


  1. Hi, I have some Fender amp transformers that I no longer need. I need to identify them properly so I can at some point sell them. Output.

  2. The real-world explanation for the overall scarcity of anything specific between two of the same gender is that Transformers above all exists. been dating Prowl.

  3. For Example FH = August 1956, NA = January 1964, and a reissue CF = June 1992 DATING FENDER TRANSFORMERS, SPEAKERS & POTENTIOMETERS USING EIA CODES

  4. Transformers is a series of American science fiction action films. Paramount made a mistake in dating Transformers 3—they asked me on the phone—I said yes to.

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