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Dating uk patent numbers

If you don’t have a specific patent number but know other information about the invention or technology, you can use that information to search the USPTO’s database.Once you know the patent number, you can find out other information such as when the patent expires or who has a license to manufacture or distribute the invention.Go to the annual calendars labelled ‘C 274’ and find the relevant regnal year.The calendars usually have some kind of index at the back, or the entries are arranged by initial letter of surname. Most have been marked up with the modern reference within the C 66 series.The enrolment of the patent contains the formulaic text for the application of patents of invention Inventors can get an exclusive right to manufacture their own inventions for a limited period: the state issues ‘letters patent of invention’ and also enrols them to record this right.Initially, from 1617, the inventions were not described, but over the next century they were increasingly described in detail until this was almost routine.For C 73 from 1838 onwards see ‘Refers to C 54 etc., vol 159’.

Convert this to a modern reference using the instructions below, which refer to volumes in the Map Room: C 54 These are listed in date order in the index volumes labelled ‘Refers to C 54 vols 164-166’, (C 275) in the Map and Large Document Reading Room.

Using the Pat FT Quick Search Using the Pat FT Advanced Search Searching for International Patents Community Q&A Each patent, whether issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office or another country’s patent office, has a unique number that distinguishes it from any other patent.

You can use this number to find the entire patent record in the database.

Patents of invention are enrolled, along with many other types of letter patent, in the patent rolls in C 66. These are available in the form of annual ‘calendars’ in the Map and Large Document Reading Room at The National Archives.

Using the ‘browse’ function in Discovery, take the year and month given in the indexes, and convert it into a regnal year (shown in Discovery).


  1. Diamond marks can help you to date when an item was registered. Details of how an item worked – the mechanics of the design – were protected by patents of invention. find the correct date, design number and material in the table; find the. Discovery is a catalogue of archival records across the UK and beyond, from.

  2. Publication Date, Application Number, Details Rows may repeat to show multiple inventors or applicants depending on "Sort By". Journal 6729.

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