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Dominant female free sex chat

NO Trolling (purposely being a nuisance) no one likes it and it is really not acceptable in the Femdom lifestyle. NO Lurking (not joining in on chat) lurkers will be removed (at least say hello).NO cyber (online sex) in the Lounge, please use the Dungeon or take it privately Males impersonating females Dominants will not be tolerated and will result in immediate bans.Think about whether you would like this person if you had to actually be WITH them.Also, don't submit, even in cyber unless you actually mean it. A lot of cyber relationships are just as important as real life to the people involved and they take them just as seriously. Because of this you will need to create a new chatroom account if you haven't already done so. Our Chat Rooms are not directly connected with the Community and require a separate membership and password.

Even a cyber relationship needs some mutual ground for understanding.

If you are unhappy with anyone or any thing in Collar Ncuffs chat please contact the owners at Collar [email protected] discussion with moderators by any means will make your ban permanent.

**Please note: if you are in breach of the rules you may or may not be given a warning prior to being banned.

Real life Dommes are much more impressed to find out that you have a brain, can hold a polite conversation, and have a few manners.

The other half of this is "Don't kiss my butt unless I TELL you to kiss it." Not everyone wants their hind parts sucked on. There are probably 10 guy subs for every female Domme.


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