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He announced every minute until the sun disappeared and a shining diamond ring appeared.“He’s reading it out and he’s losing control,” Mr. His journey to Cairns, Australia, in 2012 was featured in the documentary “Black Suns: An Astrophysics Adventure.”“The difference between being off the line of totality and on it is like the difference between seeing a lightning bug and lightning,” Dr. But he advised that people not obsess over weather forecasts in the weeks and days leading up to an eclipse, saying that the stress isn’t worth it. Now, his most sacred rule is that he does not talk about weather in the days leading up to an eclipse.

On the day of the eclipse, one of the researchers, Fred Hess, shouted the countdown to totality. “It can be inspirational to a new generation of students.”He added that people shouldn’t worry about snapping the perfect picture with their phones.“If it’s your first eclipse, don’t try to take any pictures,” he said. Just watch all of the phenomena and relax about it.”Most important, leave early for it, he advised, to avoid being stuck in a traffic jam outside the path. That advice is echoed by Hakeem Oluseyi, an astrophysicist at Florida Institute of Technology who has chased eclipses in Ghana, Australia and the island of Mangaia in the South Pacific. He made it just in time to see the blue and violet sky turn black. One day in 1978, when he was 14 and living on Long Island, he came across an article in his local paper about researchers preparing an expedition to Manitoba, Canada, to observe an eclipse on Feb. The last line in the article announced that the team had one seat available. (In a recording, you can hear him and the group shouting.)“I’m looking at this corona in the sky and thinking, ‘Wow, this is really strange and beautiful,’” he said. Kentrianakis’s mentors, Jay Pasachoff, has experienced 65 solar eclipses. He has set foot on every continent except Antarctica in pursuit of the phenomenon (though he has watched it in a plane above Antarctica). Kentrianakis has also found clouds to be a recurring adversary in his adventures, spoiling or nearly spoiling some eclipse trips. “People don’t get it until after they experience it.”To Dr.His parents let him call the researchers, who invited him to join the expedition. He and his wife, Naomi, who has seen 39 eclipses, even witnessed a total solar eclipse on their honeymoon in 1974.“I think there’s a primal feeling of excitement to see the universe darken at a time when it’s not usually supposed to,” he said. Pasachoff advises that first-timers try to get within the middle of the path of totality rather than on the edges, just to make sure they see it. Other times, it’s overcast.“In the South Pacific, clouds had completely covered two minutes before totality and uncovered three minutes after,” Dr. In 1998 he traveled to Aruba for his second total solar eclipse, but it was overcast on his part of the tiny tropical island.“I thought, ‘How often does it rain in Aruba? When possible, he suggested, it’s a good idea to stay mobile on eclipse day in case the thick clouds move in and you need to relocate. ”But whether you end up tens of thousands of feet in the air or standing on the ground, eclipse chasers want you to know that the journey you take to see the total solar eclipse will be well worth your time and effort.“I think every single person I’ve ever interviewed about their first eclipse experience says the same thing: ‘Why didn’t you tell me it would be so good? Oluseyi, the eclipse has the potential to affect the nation in the same way that these cosmic spectacles have had an impact on him.“There are all these questions and curiosities that are inspired by these experiences,” he said.We suggest trying the steps below in succession to resolve the issue.It's possible that you have a large directory of generated or resource files that don't need to be indexed.It is included with many Java distributions, so you may not even need to install it.If you install Eclipse from the Ubuntu repository, the Eclipse install will be owned by root.Unpackage as the user you will be using to run Eclipse.EDIT: I often the permissions on I'm not a big expert in Eclipse, but my understanding is that Eclipse's own update system is sort of concurrent to Ubuntu update system (this is also true for many other packages which have their own update methods, for example Python modules - you can either install them from Ubuntu repos using ).If you want to use the Eclipse update process you need to download the Eclipse from the Eclipse download site.When I do that, I install under /opt after setting the privileges to my user id to write there.


  1. If you want to use the Eclipse update process you need to download the Eclipse. from Ubuntu repos using apt-get install, or from Python package index using.

  2. Why does Eclipse take so long to update Maven dependencies. Since Eclipse Luna the index update. Even i was facing updating maven dependencies on eclipse.

  3. This question might have been asked before. Every time I open my eclipse it takes forever to update the Maven repo indexes. I do not have any Maven Plugin installed.

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