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Eight minute dating coupon

While there the 30 something cashier informed me I could not use them both and didn’t I read the coupon.

Manager stated, more than likely yes, I have the right to refuse service to whoever I want.

I made a call to the store and asked to speak with the Manager. It was the same person that answered the phone and I do not know if she was really the Manager. so I went on to explain what happened a couple of hours earlier.

I was put on hold 4 – 5 times and never got an explanation as to why they we’re asked to leave.

It’s not that I couldn’t use the coupons (one of which was a birthday reward! I am upset because you trying to sale me something that is to big for my foot.

) it was the incredibly condescending and rude manner in which he spoke to me. Charleen Bell Reply I bought a pair of shoes in store, Igor a pair half off except they didn’t have my size in this one.


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