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In 2004, SK Telecom launched "Hanbyul," the world’s first DMB satellite.TU Media, SK Telecom's digital media arm, handles DMB TV broadcasts.Around that time, it also began constructing the Northeast Asian CDMA belt encompassing China, Japan, Vietnam, and the rest of the Asian continent.In March 1997, to reflect new changes, KMTC changed its name to SK Telecom, and in October, Nets Go, an online service, was launched.In April 1999, SK Telecom entered the Mongolian market by co-founding Skytel LLC with nearly 30 percent ownership stake.TTL, a wireless plan targeting younger users, and n TOP, a cellular internet service were launched in July and October 1999, respectively.

Through privatization, SK Group became Korea Mobile Telecommunications Corp.'s largest shareholder in June 1994.

(Hangul: SK텔레콤 or 에스케이텔레콤) (full name: Sunkyong Telecom) is a South Korean wireless telecommunications operator, it is part of the SK Group, one of the country's largest chaebols.

SK Telecom is South Korea's largest wireless carrier, it leads the local market with 50.5 percent share as of 2008.

In June 1998, SK Telink, the international call service division, started offering commercial overseas call service.

In December 1998, SK Teletech launched its first handset.


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