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All continued to see Ed with Grace’s blessings as long as they never abused Ed’s good nature or took advantage of his innocence.If she ever discovered they had manipulated him as Shirley had done then their relationship with him was over.The truly incredible fact was that she loved him the same way.They’d lived with her mother until Grace caught her sexually and emotionally abusing Ed.Knowing him as intimately as she did, Grace was aware of his true feelings for Rachel almost before he was. They, like Rachel, had begun their relationships with him for the pure physical thrill of having sex with the big man but they’d all become attached to him… Ed had been with Rachel’s best friend Angie Spencer, a widower, and their mutual friend Zoe Sandoval who was separated from her husband as he was serving a life sentence in prison.He’d also been with two other women in Rachel’s neighborhood, also her friends, Stephanie Mathews and Carolyn Patterson, both of whom were going through divorce proceedings.

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Rachel Thompson was the mother of one of Ed’s football teammates.

Initially she seemed to be just attracted to his physical attributes but she confessed that she had fallen for his innocence and his sweet, gentle nature.

She was lonely living alone in the big home and it was beginning to weigh heavily on her.

When she heard that Ed and Grace were going to be out on the street she leapt at the chance to come to their rescue and ease her loneliness.


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