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More than willing to travel for good tough but sane submission wrestling. 10/12/17 NO IDEA why I havent written a recommendation for this wrestler before! Don't miss out on this guy, he's safe, sane and great fun. Great as ever to wrestle, and "little" Tony has beefed up! He's put on some muscle since out last meet, and uses it to effect! After ages chatting on line we finally got to meet up at Barnet. He might call himself "little" but he is determined and kept on coming back for more! A wily old fighter with a startling array of sly moves and the strength and energy to go on using them for three hours. 27/04/18 We had been chatting for years and at last had the opportunity to lock up! This "wee" guy is strong, tough and certainly no pushover. Be careful if he gets on top of ya as he knows how to handle his weight well.. He is a true classy English Gentleman, with playful and intelligent wit, which tremendously enhances not only the wrestling encounter, but also the whole experience of meeting him and getting to know him. Well i was pleasantly surprised, not only is he a great wrestler and tough but he made me work hard for every sub. All in all one of the best encounters I have ever had!! No idea why I haven't written a recommendation for this wrestler before!

27/04/18 Due to the considerable weight difference we settled for a scissor fight! He pretty much wiped the floor with me and I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute. He has considerable upper body strength which he puts to good use. and can punch him and bruise him up but the guy still keeps comin’ at ya and he just won’t back down. If you were lucky enough to experience and appreciate this side of his character, you might understand why he is this popular, as evident from all the raving reviews he has received. Then a trip to UK was planned, and it all rolled out from there. Here is a pocket tank of a wrestler, well built, solid, muscled. He has wide interests, and loves to chat and get to know his opponent. Now for those guys that don't want to wrestle older guys then your missing out. He adjusts to your level to make the bout enjoyable for both.

I managed to get some subs off him too which was a bonus to a tough, hard fought match. Always look forward to our matches 30/10/17 A late evening match up was as good as ever! ) Had the real pleasure of locking up with this new wrestler at a Grapevine meet at Barnet. As a person he is very funny, sociable guy who wants to wrestle everyone in the room. But it certainly works (He was constantly on the mats, in fact possibly spent more time on them than anyone else present & there were some young guns at the meet) He was first person who ever challenged me to a wrestling match & I still remember the excitement I felt that day 10 years ago when I received it. BUT this guy has developed his skills since we last met up and is a real monster on the mats. I REALLY look forward to facing him again soon for a longer session. I just hope that I get the chance of a longer 1on1 tussle with him soon. Finally met "Dadwrestle" on his own place and we had some great matches. I can only say you would be mad to miss your chance of locking up with this guy! Great wrestler, took on the bigger man and made me work VERY hard! Totally reliable, safe and sane, BUT a great opponent!! He is a quick, skilled, clever and strong opponent - and very difficult to control on the mat. He really went out of his was to ease my nerves and talked me through some of the basics, complimenting and correcting as necessary.

He is fit and stong - and would be able to hold his own against wrestlers half his age. Extremely enjoyable match, which I think tested both of us. 13/04/18 A fantastic evening on the mats with this strong, tough, fun wrestler! His heart is so into the old Brit Pro scene, he even looks like a star of Saturday afternoon Wof S ring action. Have met him again, a solid work out and plenty to talk about afterwards. This wrestling beef is EVEN stronger than he was first time we met. Our action ranged from mats to ring and back to the mats. He's an avid grappler, a great conversationalist, and a wonderful kind soul. Had the real privilege and pleasure of wrestling this legend of the mat world at a meet in London! He is a skilled strong and agile heavyweight who can hold his own against the best of them. I was only too disappointed that I only got one session with him. Safe and sane, he was good to chat with off the mats. He might have been lighter than me, but this wrestler is strong, determined and much more skilled than he admits! My high respect for this highly experienced wrestler before our meeting was more than justified. We fought hard for an hour or two and I was well and truly taught a lesson! this guy is not to be missed by those looking for a good, safe but competitive heavyweight challenge1 A delight to meet1 I couldn't have asked for a more gracious opponent for my very first match.

This guy definitely brought muscle and skill to the match and I had one hell of time locking up with this stud.

His power and strength seem to be getting stronger as the years are passing. Don't get fooled by his gentleman demeanor, he's a rough n tough grappler who will test your skills.


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