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To know more about the movie, see movie was screened, and AID had announced that a discussion will follow- a discussion, mind you, not a lecture.The big wig of AID Balaji Sampath, comes to the stage (eh, I thought its a 'discussion') and starts addressing the audience- not invite questions... Let's call this the BS method, as we will have to use this abbreviation a lot.The newsletter claims that there is a tuition center at Tharamani with 70 kids. "AID is related to TNSF, similar to Kerala Shastra Saahitya Parishad(KSSP), who were instrumental in making Kerala 100 percent literate state". The literacy campaign in Kerala was a government programme. I have a friend of mine, living a few miles away, who volunteered, who had nothing to do with KSSP.I asked her to go and verify if there is a center, and decide for herself. In two phases, under two governments, it took nearly a decade. True, some of there volunteers might have done some work, esp as this organisation is basically a leftists organisation, and communist govt was for once involved in the programme.He starts off , and after saying that AID organised an anti BJP rally and all that, he says "You have to understand the fact....". to continue "..fact that the entire ramjanmabhoomi movement was an attempt by the sangh parivar, to cover up its casteism, and anti backward casteness". Myself belonging to a backward caste , I have always been sympathetic to the temple cause, and was convinced of the dirty games played by the leftists after I read "RJM vs BM" by Koenraad Elst (btw, these leftists have tried a lot to throw dirt on the scholarship of Dr Elst, not by attacking the facts that he presents in his books, but by general shouting).

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Contact :[email protected] an eyewitness I first heard about AID in my first year at IIT.

But to claim that they are responsible for the literacy of Kerala is nonsense.

In fact these people get involved in more of political matters than anything else.

With lots of goofs, it was something people laughed at, but more so, may be for the idea.

I believe its one of AIDs std skits, as it was screened in my University a few months before.


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