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This economic and social Revolution must inevitably produce a cultural revolution in turn in our country.For our part, we have tried to do something (perhaps during the first moments of the Revolution there were other more urgent problems to be seen to).Actually, however, it was not necessary to make a heroic effort, because it has been an instructive discussion for us, and I would say sincerely that it has been pleasant.Of course, in this kind of discussion, we men of the Government are not the most qualified people to express opinions on the matters in which you are specialists. The fact of being men of the Government and agents of this Revolution does not mean that we are obliged to be experts in all subjects, something which we hardly are.For Ph D projects, I welcome those interested in early Chinese philosophy.

We might say that it is a skein, that it is quite tangled and not easy to disentangle.There was some fear of entering into the matter on the first day, and so it was necessary for us to ask the comrades to delve into the subject, and for everyone to say what it was that troubled him.Unless we are mistaken, the basic problem hovering in the background of the atmosphere here was the problem of freedom for artistic creation.It is a problem that we shall not be able to solve easily either.The various comrades who have spoken here expressed an infinity of points of view, and they expressed them with their arguments.Recently, my research focus shifted to rhetoric, as I am trying to understand the rhetorical function of anecdotes in early Chinese argumentative writings.1993-1999 doctoral student of Chinese Studies at Leiden University, including one year abroad for an intensive Modern Standard Chinese language training at Beijing Language and Cultural University (1995-1996) and one year abroad as an exchange student of Oriental Studies, with Socrates scholarship, at Cambridge University (1997-1998) 1999-2000 post-doctoral exchange student, with Talent scholarship, at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 2000-2006 Ph D student, with research grant, at Leiden University 2004-present lecturer in Chinese Studies at Leiden University, fully tenured since 2009 I teach Classical Chinese language courses on all levels (BA, MA) and develop a textbook for Classical Chinese, the first of its kind in Dutch.We are not doing this as the person most qualified to speak on the matter, but as a question of a meeting between you and us, out of the need for us to express certain points of view here.We were greatly interested in these discussions, and I believe that we have demonstrated what could be called "great patience" with this.I also teach courses on Chinese philosophy, history and culture.-DATE- 19610630 -YEAR- 1961 -DOCUMENT_TYPE- SPEECH -AUTHOR- F.


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