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This also presented it's own issue with horses (some more than others) dropping mouthfuls of the mash onto the ground then cleaning it up digesting more sand.

It was only when I went to using large box feeders, where the horses would drop very little feed outside of their feeder, where I could cease the routine feeding of bran mashes.

Many, even Christians, reject the teaching of the Lord Jesus and His Apostles regarding the eternal punishment of the wicked.

Back to what the nun had written on the green blackboard.

They argue that because of these words’ multifaceted meanings there is no word in Scripture expressing a forever category of time.

Therefore it is presumptuous for anyone to think hell will never end.

The word translated authority in the Greek is exousia.

It is a derivative of the verb “to be” It can be rendered ‘Out of who I AM’.


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  2. Functional horsemanship includes training horses both on the ground and in the saddle, and understanding horse health care, hoof care and feed issues.

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