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He was similar in appearance to Rouse and would have made an ideal victim for the hoax.At the start of 2014, members of Briggs’s family arranged to have DNA tests done to finally put the mystery to rest.Perhaps enemy spies or saboteurs were hiding in the woods, planning to attack the nearby train tracks used to transport goods bound for the war effort in Europe.None of them would have wanted Thomson to report spotting them.There’s been no shortage of speculation around these 10 stories.However, the passage of time only serves to take us further away from events, and the world of speculation will likely be the final resting place of these mysterious deaths.But when the results came back, the DNA didn’t match, opening up two separate mysteries.Who was the man murdered by Rouse, and what actually happened to Briggs?

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Goldstein was another MP who had been tricked into investing in a scam company set up by Ley.While the latter question will probably never be answered, DNA technology may eventually lead to the identification of the murder victim.The 1931 murder of Julia Wallace in Liverpool has fascinated British crime writers for decades. Qualtrough called Liverpool Central Chess Club with a message for one of its members, William Herbert Wallace.William Wallace was convicted of the murder, but the verdict was overturned after an appeal. One was 22-year-old Richard Parry, who’d lost his job working for Prudential Insurance when William Wallace caught him fudging the books. Julia Wallace had been paying Marsden for sex, a fact he wanted to keep secret as he was about to marry into a wealthy family.Several books have been written about the murder, and each new writer has been convinced that they’ve finally solved it—yet none of them actually agree on the outcome.Canadian painter Tom Thomson was last seen setting out on a fishing trip in a canoe on July 8, 1917.When his body was found floating in Canoe Lake eight days later, the circumstances behind the young artist’s demise became one of Canada’s most infamous mysteries.It’s likely that he took the secret of Mc Donald’s fate with him.In 1930, Alfred Rouse attempted to fake his own death by bludgeoning a man over the head with a mallet and burning the body in his car.It’s possible that Thomson’s canoe simply hit a piece of floating debris from a nearby logging operation.Some have even suggested the unlikely—but technically possible—scenario that he was hit by a sudden tornado.


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