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Furthermore, advertisers who wish to advertise paid packages are reminded to ensure that any costs or savings claims are genuine and clear.

In these cases, the ads should make clear which features are “free” and also that some aspects are not, and avoid saying the site is “completely free to use” (or similar).Opponents of a man's right to meet foreign women online never stop to consider how enjoyable it is to travel/work/live abroad and learn new cultures and languages while seeking a marriage partner.READ A BRILLIANT ANALYSIS AND DEBUNKING OF 1999 INS STUDY, THE SCHOLES REPORT. Walters' recent speech delivered at the 2013 Online Dating Summit in Miami, FL, regarding Controversial User Profile Content.'Lawrence Walters, an attorney who is well-versed in legal precedent for online dating sites.' Brietbart.com, commenting on the FTC's data breach investigation of Ashley Madison.Below we’ve highlighted some key issues to bear in mind when promoting dating services.Consumers are often searching for people who share their views and values; advertisers should not take advantage of this by implying that websites are only open to specific groups or those with certain interests if they are not.The ODA was set up in 2013 by a number of industry players who saw the need for the industry to step up and take responsibility for setting and maintaining standards.The Association will have an important and traditional role as a trade body – ensuring the sector is properly represented so that it has a stronger voice with Government, regulators, the media, financial service providers, social networks and others.Previously, the ASA has not upheld complaints about shots of couples kissing passionately, stating that the ad was not likely to cause serious or widespread offence (Match.com, 2017).For more information on this issue, please see our guidance on Offence: Sex.


  1. Online Dating A Need for Regulation Regardless of Business Model 10.4018/978-1-4666-9787-4.ch006

  2. Online Dating resources, help, and legal information from experts in the area provided at no charge.

  3. INTERNET LAW - Are Online Dating Sites Regulated by Federal Law? Martha L. Arias. State law regulation of online dating could be easily circumvented;.

  4. Legal and regulation;. years have seen a proliferation of online dating websites. highlighted some key issues to bear in mind when promoting dating services.

  5. State regulation of e-commerce is currently seeking new territory in the online dating industry. Online dating services are a lucrative and rapidly growing.

  6. Online dating is now a part of everyday life for millions of people. It is the largest single way in which relationships start in the UK today.

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