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Despite the year being 1883, they weren't shamed or vilified for having had numerous sexual partners.

Since 1804, under Napoleon, prostitution has been legal in France, with sex workers required to be legally registered with the government and to report for fortnightly health inspections with physicians.

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From long-forgotten manorial houses to the very largest monastic and secular palaces, French chateaux offer a vision of mystique and romance that perhaps the more solidly defensive English castles cannot touch.

Many such properties also have existing income from timber or wine production.

If you are looking for French chateaux for sale, be it for pleasure or business, we have many beautiful properties to choose from with prices of approximately 300,000 EUR to over 20 Million EUR.

Overall, the internet has expanded the services sex workers are able to offer clients.

Though the "Pretty Women of Paris" sold physical acts to tourists, modern sex workers can charge for private Skype sessions, nude photographs or video recordings.


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