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The land of Egypt was easily conquered by the Hyksos, who were then to become the nemesis of the Israelites.

Strange as it may seem, this whole geo-political, social revolutionary and catastrophic event that occurred in Egypt prior to and during the Great Exodus was captured by the Written in vivid and starkly etched word pictures, the Egyptian scribe described the tales of horror as the Nile was turning to blood and all water became undrinkable.

The imagery was so vivid that there appeared a special reality of literalness that was so antithetical to a world immersed in Darwinian uniformitarianism.

and plague of the Exodus were a mystery where hail, fire, earthquakes were the prime agents that destroyed the most powerful empire in the ancient world of that era.

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This came in part to a historical person, had been destroyed by the earlier Jewish psychiatrist, Sigmud Freud that left the historical remains of this ancient Hebrew giant in ruins.

This rampage of the Planet Venus was followed soon after by the War Planet Mars in its proto-orbital rotation.

These became the great riveting images that poured out of his for Macmillan, for Velikovsky gained immediate fame as a persecuted genius, and one of the greats persecuted by his peers.

This immediately brought immense academic wrath upon his writings, yet the public loved his books.

Concepts of the close enough to earth caused Planet Earth’s orbital rotation to stop, start, change its polar axis and thereby cause huge catastrophic geological effects upon the landscape of this planet and the psychological subconscious of its people.


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