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Reviews consolidating large student loans 27

My husband will be finishing his history degree there in the next year as well due to my experience. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed and I'm pulling an 3.85 GPA.

I'm almost finished with the bachelors program.

The MBA program was challenging and at often times really hard.

Online programs have this stigma that they are somehow easier.

I went in lateral entry, having to take pedagogy classes through U.

of Phoenix (a certification, not a degree program) and take the state's tests.

Don't go in thinking that they owe you something. They can get your money from someone else if needed. With that being said, I understood the process from the get go.

And honestly, this is the mindset many colleges and professors have. I made sure I read everything on their website, asked questions of the admissions dept before even accepting enrollment.

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The recruiters are kind of misleading, so save all your emails or phone conversations.

But, that should be done at any higher level institution.

Again, I recommend Ashford and don't regret my decision to go there.

Everyone else was wonderful, knowledgeable, and supportive. As it was English, it was almost entirely writing based.

The discussion questions were tough and required serious thought and analysis of the works in the textbooks. I thought the texts chosen were well thought out in accordance with the class assignments. I even use my final papers from these classes to help teach my AP students their course material and how to write college level essays.


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