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Scary intimidating music

There was something odd about them though..didn't look human. My imagination quickly got the better of me, and I could feel the panic rising quickly. They stated that, although they could not see far above the tops of its legs, they believed the animal to be at least forty feet... A thick, long, maroon tentacle did, slapping the front glass with a gut-wrenching, meaty sound. Jenny was getting kind of freaked out by the store so we picked up the shoes and hurried over to the front desk. These kids learn their lesson not to go looking for ghosts in abandoned hospitals for the mentally ill.Original Story Music by Myuu EXCERPT "I'm fine..was that? It took awhile for somebody to actually appear behind the counter, but the lady looked intimidating enough for me not to complain. Their last trip was to an old insane asylum where they thought it would just be a creepy trip and instead turned into their worst nightmare.

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It felt like I had lost everything important in my life, like I wasn’t able to feel emotions anymore.

I couldn’t be bothered about it and tried to shake the creepy feeling off.

If you were a fighter, what would your entrance music be?

This question never seems to get old amongst fight fans. Fans are captivated by everything the spectacle has to offer, including the dimmed arena, lighting effects and memorable entrance music.


  1. An article by an NYU musicologist in the Journal of the Society for American Music details how music was regularly used in interrogations. 6 Songs Used to Torture.

  2. The fans loved the first part of the game, so the developers just had to release another sequel on popular demand. This is one of the scariest games you will ever.

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