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More likely it would be commercial, business class and early afternoon when she darkened our door.I sat with my head rested against my mother's bare stomach as she stood between my spread legs out on the balcony. "From what I've learned about you tonight honey, you can get another job," she interjected.The real hurricane was named Amanda and she was approaching from the west.If she took the company's jet she'd be here in the morning.The moment was too much and with the second flushing of the toilet I pumped my mother's mouth full of cum. Late afternoon I'd opened a bottle of white wine for my mother and I was sipping on a scotch. Amanda turned to my mother and asked, "Do you think he's had enough? "Daniel, language." Both women responded in unison. "The truth is I don't care what you do with Madeline. Just because we're not married doesn't mean I don't love you and want the best for you." I was flabbergasted. "Daniel, what I confessed to you the other day, I confessed to Amanda years ago. Who was I to judge the feelings of a mother for her son? Something I'd imagined nearly ten years before, something wonderful. I decided it was time to loose my rock hard cock from my pants, pulling them down mid thigh and began stroking to the lesbianism playing out before me.

Lightning lit up the city, closely followed by the crack of thunder.

Note to readers: This being the third chapter it may be hard to come in cold, please read 1 and 2 and I hope you enjoy. Yet they were all bluster, there would be no rain, no damage.

Rolling in from the sea and illuminated by the city lights, the clouds looked heavy and menacing.

"Fuck Mom, I'm gonna cum," I breathed into her ear and she squeezed her asshole around my cock as I flooded her rectum with shot after shot of jism.

I didn't want to pull out, so as gracefully as possible I lifted her and stepped the few feet back to the outdoor setting and reclined in an armchair, her on my lap, my softening cock inside her ass. I checked my e-mails and call register and no one else had seemed to have seen the "basketball incident." We were both a little hungover and I was still fretting over the looming arrival of Amanda. Taking my hand again, she led me towards the women's toilets.


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