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The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) Fall and Spring Academic Year 2017-18 undergraduate research grant proposals.

Follow These 3 Easy Steps: STEP ONE: Read over all the information found at on the Fall and Spring …read more.

PLEASE NOTE: All summer grants are paid directly to the students and will NOT be sent to mentors.

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Because the first stage is essentially networking, the goal for the evening is to meet as many firm representatives as you can while having meaningful conversations.In other cases, I asked about the person’s hometown and was surprised how many times we were able to find something in common with this subject.Even though you are there trying to get an accounting job, I’m learning that firms are interested in seeing your personality of campus (or eventually, the office).Many of the dates on this page come straight from Bolle Gregmar/Gary Aschliman's 1972 gig lists for With most of this site's gig pages, I've been able to use their invaluable research as a starting point and then investigate further.Each of these student research positions in both programs provide a unique opportunity to develop valuable research skills through working with multiple CMI faculty on exciting new interdisciplinary research projects.The students who are selected for these positions will initially enroll in a research course and train in the laboratory in the Spring Semester.The potential to land a job for Fall Today I’m focusing on Meet the Firms. Over the course of five sessions which are two or three hours each, a group of 15-20 students (pre-assigned) spends 30 minutes with a firm and then rotates to another.The firms are allowed to use their half hour timeslot however they choose.However, with the years 1972-4, this has proven a difficult task.1972 has been the hardest of all- solid definitive info on gig dates for this year is very hard to come by - even the Alice dates are open to much debate and trying to firm out this schedule is very frustrating, so please chip in if you know anything.


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