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So you could say I'm favourably predisposed towards command lines.

But let's try to analyse the benefits and disadvantages of command lines and GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces).(Advantages & Disadvantages)CLI's and GUI's clearly have different strengths and weaknesses.

In summary, CLI's are better at issuing commands and dealing with database-style records or files and selection on textual-based searches; GUI's are better at direct manipulation of objects that can be represented graphically, and arbitrary but contiguous selections.

Using the two forms of UI in combination offers significant benefits: So how do we implement this?

Keystick (now "morphing" into Kanuu) showed that this was possible even with text input, and it looks like they're extending it to all sorts of navigation, just as I've suggested above.

The problem with this scenario is pretty obvious: it is heavily keyboard relient.

Without a full alphabetic keyboard the commands suddenly become more indirect again (with some form of input method intervening).

I bet, a lot of 27 year olds out there will be willing to pay few hundreds to know his secret.

Maybe, J Low's luck and expertise can flow to others so that they too can make it to the top!


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