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Tea leoni dating 2016 what to write in a one year dating anniversary card

You don’t want to go to your boss and be like, ‘Hey, so who are you dating? We’re gonna conclude the whole Vincent Marsh storyline.

’ So now I think we’re all really protective.” The actor, who’s married to “He couldn’t be a nicer guy,” he said. As for the show being renewed for another season, “I’m excited,” Arend said.

’ And I’m like, ‘maybe ‘ ” Geoffrey Arend, who plays a staffer on Leoni’s character’s team, told PEOPLE on Tuesday at a special New York screening of Marvel’s presented by Cinema Society and Audi.

Arend, who in a twist was having his own fictional secret relationship onscreen with co-star Patina Miller, added of the real-life pair, “Nobody really knew.

She was a master negotiator.” On her own mom, Emily Patterson Pantaleoni, Tea said, “My mother’s a pistol.

She has an absolute intolerance for injustice.” About how she would like to see her character in the future, Tea answered, “How about if I do become president, I nominate and put forward another secretary of state, who’s female? As she gets better at negotiation, I [also] have to get better.

“I remember when David was doing ‘The X-Files.’ They’d see an alien, then two weeks later, they have to act like they’ve never seen an alien. Greatest challenge “The greatest challenge, going into the third season, is that this woman came into this not as a career politician, but as someone with very fresh eyes at every negotiation, devastation and disaster.” With a smile, Tea cracked, “I’ve negotiated quite a bit, and I’ve solved some rather incredible crises in the world.

I apparently wrapped up the Middle East problem in the second season.” On how Tea relates to the storyline about a threat to the Mc Cord family in the third season, Tea explained, “For the show, it was quite appropriate, but it was a walk down a lane I’d rather have forgotten.

“I recognize that I no longer go to the gym for my ass, and I don’t have a gym for my heart,” quipped the actress, noted for her candor and wit. The New Yorker—who’s the mom of two teenagers with ex-husband, David Duchovny—did a high kick when she posed for pictures.

Then, we don’t have to change the name of the show. That’s the producer in me but, as an actor, I haven’t decided yet. I’ve negotiated pretty much with everybody already. I want to keep something alive—a new point of view of her.

That’ll be my challenge coming forward.” Or Elizabeth could be killed.

“My grandmother passed away right before I got my first acting job.

I’m sorry about that, because I would have liked for her to have seen some of this.


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