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Tom brady quarterback dating

Well at least she’s not dead yet in spite of her lanky and fragile frame.In 2003, Brady puts another Super Bowl win in the books. Yup, another hottie waiting in the wings to sweep the now two-time Super Bowl MVP off his feet.And boy, did Brady do his part really well in the dating circuit. 12 has settled down with Gisele – his wife for about six years now (and counting).Not that we’re complaining, especially since Tom is no longer on the market for the other hot chicks to drool over and forget about the likes of us.It’s only a rumor, but many have speculated that Brady may have been seeing Meghan Vasconcellos on the side while he and Moynahan were still dating back in 2006.And how could Brady avoid such a vixen when Meghan herself was the line captain of the Pat’s cheerleading squad at the time?Brady kept his movie star streak going by dating actress Bridget Moynahan from 2004 to late 2006. Bridget and Tom’s relationship would take a wild turn after they split up in December of 2006.

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While you already know this (ergo the title of the article) there is no way we’re keeping Tom’s biggest trophy off of the shelf.The Patriots didn’t call on Brady to do too much as he finishes 13-of-23 for 168 yards, with no touchdowns or interceptions.It remains the most points the Patriots have scored in the 29 career starts in which Brady didn’t throw a touchdown pass.“As a quarterback, you are glad to be in situations where you don’t have to throw the ball all over the place.It’s a good thing that Brady bailed out on their relationship, though.Have you seen what the blonde bombshell looks like now? Maybe Tara hasn’t gotten over her breakup with Brady until now and became some sort of anorexic ghoul in the process.But things turn quickly and the Patriots record a 44-13 win spearheaded by an Antowain Smith-led rushing attack that totaled 177 yards and three touchdowns.Meanwhile, Manning throws two interceptions that are returned for touchdowns – by Otis Smith (78 yards) and Ty Law (23 yards).Brady, whose confidence struck players from his initial days as a rookie, also said of the result: “A good win.Life is good when you’re a Super Bowl winning quarterback. Along with the fame and wealth that superstar athletes receive for their innate talent, they also get the first and best dibs on the hottest women in the world.Before finding his life of extreme comfort with the world-renowned Victoria’s Secret model, Brady also had his fair share of other beauties from the past.Join us as we list down Brady’s former and current flames that fire up his passion on the field and in the bedroom.


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