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The family have submitted plans for a concrete construction with a corrugated iron roof within the grounds of – but not within sight of – their home, Sudeley Castle, where their friend Elizabeth Hurley married her now ex husband Arun Nayar in 2007.

You’re the first boss I’ve had that’s younger than me.” I should mention that opportunites like this are becoming rarer and rarer as our industry is outsourcing more and more.However, in order to do all this effectively, you have to be managing well in other areas too.And since you’re a first-time manager, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if you’re not quite there yet.This detail oriented committee initially reviewed over 300 suggested changes.Members of the initial 2007-2009 SRT Committee were: Seppo Kanerva, President, Urantia Foundation, Chair Marvin Gawryn, Urantia Book Fellowship, Liaison Chair Merritt Horn, Urantia Book Fellowship Nancy Johnson, Urantia Book Fellowship Marilynn Kulieke, Trustee, Urantia Foundation Jay Peregrine, Executive Director, Urantia Foundation Members of the 2014-2015 SRT Committee were: Marilynn Kulieke, Urantia Foundation Rep, Co-Chair David Kulieke, Urantia Book Fellowship Merritt Horn, Urantia Book Fellowship, Co-Chair Ken Keyser, Urantia Book Fellowship Jay Peregrine, Urantia Foundation Rep Larry Watkins, Urantia Foundation Rep Along with correcting the printer errors that had crept into the text, the Committee reviewed nearly all of the 300 recommendations for alteration that had been submitted by students of the book over the years.I’d like you to think about whether that’s something you’re willing to do in this new context.I hope that you will, although if you decide this isn’t for you, I’ll support you in that decision.For example, I handed out a batch of project assignments and everyone made comments like “Wow, you gave this one to John.Anyone can see that Bob should be doing this.” I told them I’ve been assigning projects based on the skills people have, as well as the skills people need to develop.But I want to make it very clear that what you’ve been doing can’t continue.” And then you need to be willing to follow through on that.In other words, warn once, warn a second time with consequences if it continues, and then follow through on those consequences if needed.


  1. The Bass Rock, or simply the Bass / ˈ b æ s /, is an island in the outer part of the Firth of Forth in the east of Scotland. Approximately 2 kilometres 1.2 mi.

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