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I have some code which works very well for its purpose. It works very well, but replacing the letter of the template column within the hyperlink address to the new column. Insert Next Output Hyperlink Info 'change original hyperlink rng_cell1. Sub Address = "b2" Output Hyperlink Info End Sub Sub Output Hyperlink Info() Dim sht As Worksheet Set sht = Active Sheet Dim hyp As Hyperlink Dim rng_hyp As Range Debug. However, it does something additionally which I don't want and to me makes little sense why it is happening. However once it has run, the hyperlinks in the template column have also changed. So instead of the hyper-link being (for example) "D:\Magazine Cover Scans\Marie Claire\UK08-09.jpg" it needs to be "D:\Magazine Cover Scans\Marie Claire08-09.jpg" The links follow in order. I have no idea how to use macros in Excel (2007 in my case). Select the cells you need to change the hyperlinks in 1. So -11, -12 then 2009-01, 2009-02 etc where the latter part of the file name is the month for that issue's cover. all the hyper-links are in one column but obviously link to each separate magazine cover scan. I have found the developer menu thanks to the built in help system but I cannot seem to see how to add this in and make it work on a sheet. Column Letter finds the column letter of the new column. Sub Address = Path1 & str3 & Path2 Next h Link int1 finds the column number in a previous subroutine. Name = "Hyperlinks" Then If GSource Cell = "A3" Then Sheets("Destination"). Value = "Hyperlinked from cell A3" Else If GSource Cell = "A6" Then Sheets("Destination"). Value = "Hyperlinked from cell A6" Else If GSource Cell = "A9" Then Sheets("Destination"). Value = "Hyperlinked from cell A9" Else Sheets("Destination"). Value = "" End If End If End Sub Private Sub Workbook_Sheet Selection Change(By Val Sh As Object, By Val Target As Range) If Sh.Name = "Hyperlinks" Then 'Capture last active cell on Hyperlinks worksheet and store in global variable GSource Cell = Target.

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The field I am wanting to populate controls numerous lookup functions. The Hyperlinks sheet contains three hyperlinks in cell A3, A6, and A9. I have a "template" column which is copied to a new column. Here's what the full code does (some of which isn't included here). I asked it to look within the sheet and it says it cannot find it.I am guessing it is looking for the contents of the field and not the hyper-link path. In Microsoft Excel 2010, I have created a hyperlink from one worksheet to another within the same file.But when the linked worksheet is pulled up, I want to populate the designated field with some text.All the hyper-links in a sheet look at the same folder, but different files.Is there anyway to update the links automatically or in bulk - or am I stuck with doing each hyper-link separately? I put "D:\Magazine Cover Scans\Vogue\UK09\" in the find and "D:\Magazine Cover Scans\Vogue\" in the replace.All three hyperlinks point to cell B2 in the Destination sheet .When a hyperlink is clicked, the Destination sheet is activated and cell B2 will display text showing which hyperlink was selected.


  1. In this tutorial we will look at how to create hyperlinks that can be updated at a later stage without editing the published course.

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