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Updating platform sun4v boot archive

Let's also check the Oracle Solaris version of the global zone, as shown in Listing 3, because we will use this information later: package, as shown in Listing 4, which also indicates that the version is Oracle Solaris 11.2.

We need to check that the hardware is capable of running kernel zones, and we also need to provide a hint to the system about application memory usage.Providing this hint is achieved by setting the You can find this script and more information by visiting the My Oracle Support website and then accessing Doc ID 1663862.1.For a full discussion on all the steps involved in creating a kernel zone and configuring all its attributes, please see .We'll see how to verify this later when we boot the kernel zone.Now that the kernel zone has been created, we need to install it.In addition, applications that have specific version requirements can run side by side on the same system and benefit from the high consolidation ratios that Oracle Solaris Zones provide.In this article, we will create three kernel zones using different methods: Figure 1 summarizes what we will do: Figure 1.This article will concentrate on a subset of the steps to demonstrate how to quickly get a kernel zone instance up and running.First, check the status of the ZFS file system and the network, as shown in Listing 2: [email protected]:~$ zfs list | grep zones rpool/VARSHARE/zones 16.5G 348G 32K /system/zones [email protected]:~$ dladm show-link LINK CLASS MTU STATE OVER net1 phys 1500 unknown -- net2 phys 1500 unknown -- net0 phys 1500 up -- net3 phys 1500 unknown -- Listing 2 Note: In Listing 2, there are no ZFS datasets associated with any specific zones.The examples in this article will leave you familiar with the basic procedures for installing, configuring, and managing kernel zones in Oracle Solaris 11.2.Note: This article demonstrates how to update a kernel zone from Oracle Solaris 11.2 to a later release through examples that mention "Oracle Solaris 11.3" and "Oracle Solaris Next." These examples are purely hypothetical and are for demonstration purposes only; no release later than Oracle Solaris 11.2 is currently available.


  1. For /a updating /a/platform/sun4u/boot_archive 15+0. Recover boot_archive with Solaris Volume. boot_archive with Solaris Volume Manager.

  2. Find out how to create a Solaris 10 OS Flash archive on a sun4u machine and then extract the archive onto a sun4v. platform. The same DVD boots. Update 3 for.

  3. What's New in Shutting Down and Booting a System. To support auto-recovery of the boot archives on the x86 platform. sun4v. For more information.

  4. Does anyone know what is that boot_archive file. It is located under /platform/sun4v/ /platform/sun4v du -sh * sort -rn 342M boot_archive **** 190M failsafe 106K lib 71K bootlst 12.

  5. Description of the Oracle Solaris Boot Archives. of boot archive update and. IIi-Netract/kernel platform/sun4u-us3/kernel platform/sun4v/kernel etc.

  6. Worked out that you need to add the sun4v. platform. However, if it's the boot archive that the system is complaining about then update that first. Boot archive.

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