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Who is dice from lala dating

It helped me learn how to research, and that comes in handy on a daily basis for me.

I do have my own clothing line, Roll the Dice, and grad school prepared me for that.

I live in Atlanta, and I recently just beam a council member with the organization GLAD (Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders). I’m doing things I can be passionate about; that’s important to me.

I’m going to just keep pushing myself and what I’m trying to do.

I don’t want to be judged for my lifestyle and who I chose as a partner. But when it came out, I ended up with a lot of positive feedback; after that, it was no holds barred. My partner preference has no bearing on my character. My cousin has given me this opportunity and this platform for other doors to open.

I get a lot of emails or people reaching out via social media to give me feedback and share their story. People seem to think my choice of partner makes me a different person, sometimes. I hear it all the time when I’m out–“Hey aren’t you Lala’s cousin? The curse is that I’m under her umbrella, so it’s hard to be seen as an individual.

I have to research where I’ll get the products, how I’ll find a graphic designer.

I’ve gotta find out how to do it with the most bang for my buck, obviously.

Because when you confirm what they’re assuming, it’s validating to them. Purple is still my favorite color from when I was a kid.They ask me for advice, how to come out to their family. With any type of reality show, you’ll have people with you or against you. I try to just be who I am and be my own individual person. I’m doing my own things, kind of branching out on my own.For example, I started my own clothing line, called Roll the Dice clothing.When I cam out on TV, so may people told me their stories and I see what they’re going through. you hear about kids being bullied and committing suicide because of their lifestyle and who they choose to date. It’s good to keep those contacts for business networking later in life! We do things like bring food to individuals, help out however we can. If a celeb or a company says something crazy, GLAD will usually make a statement. I’d like to ultimately start my own foundation, though.I’d really like to start an anti bullying foundation by this summer.But the teachers teaching our next doctors and brain surgeons aren’t getting that kind of money. I know teachers that have to get other jobs during the summer to make ends meet. Even with reality TV, like, come on—they just happen to be at the same restaurant, with mics on? But yeah, people will just see something and run with it!My generation doesn’t say “I want to be a doctor.” They say “I want to be like Mike.” They’re showing off a whole life that isn’t even theirs. Like the other day, I posted a picture with my cousin’s badge and said “I ain’t getting no tickets” and everyone on Instagram starting congratulating me for being a police officer.It’s cool to be a nerd and get your work done and go to class. i was a popular kid in high school, but I still got my work done. I think for me, it was just deciding to do this, because it was something I had to do on my own, for me. If you miss a party tonight, there’s one happening next weekend. There were no more talks about another season of FCL.I hung out and partied but I still graduated with a 4.0 when I left school. When you’re doing something on your own, you’re focused. You’re spending your own money and not mommy and daddy money, so it ends up meaning a lot more to you. At that point I’m like, “I gotta do something.” The job market was bad; the economy changed. It took two years of my life, but I got that piece of paper to fall back on. I hope to not have to use it…but if I need it, I know it’s there.


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