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And you know who has it the worst is that the younger you get the worse it gets. But thankfully he has a really great head on his shoulders and he should be considered a role model to kids and contemporaries alike. I get more excited about playing in front of more people than I get playing—as far as my nervousness, I’m always less nervous in front of larger crowds and more nervous in front of smaller crowds. For the first look in the performance, I really want that closeness, I really want that intimacy of the shows where it’s almost like we’re having an evening out hanging out. Literally in foreign languages that I don’t understand even a little.One of my friends, this girl named Demi Lovato, she was a Disney star and she was emerging outside of that and she would get it from all angles, stuff about her personal image, stuff about her music, stuff about her personal life, and that stuff does weigh on you. What’s it like transitioning from playing big venues like Riviera to smaller ones like Schubas? For this tour it makes perfect sense for me to do the small venues, more singer-songwriter, close-knit and intimate venue because first of all it’s how I started, when I was 17 years old I borrowed my dad’s minivan, grabbed my acoustic guitar, and a barstool and booked my own tour on the east coast. I took five years of Spanish so I can kind of get something that is based in Latin, I can kind of mess with it.It’s not shtick but it’s a little more swagger and taps into a different side of myself that I feel like just conceptually it would have gotten killed on the ground floor in our band setting.

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Not only because of how talented he is but because of the kind of character he has.

It’s the first of three solo EPs coming this year (the others follow in July and October), on which Beckett explores new subject matter for him.“[The last Academy Is…

album] was about my time in high school,” he said during an interview at Tribune Tower. With all the experiences that a band that tours the world time and time again over an eight-year period have had, the last thing I want to do is now go back and dwell on the past even more.”Still, Beckett says he will play his previous band’s songs on tour from time to time, despite his focus on the future. S.’d another record with my band, and some people would probably think that that would be the [right] thing to do, but it wasn’t.

“[The band was] sort of the like the cool police on everything. Not only for myself but for the fans.”What do you think people expect out of your solo work, and what will they actually get?

Well, I feel like expectations for what I’ve done in the past, particularly if people have expectations they’ll know where I’m coming from with my band and what we did as far as on a record-to-record basis.


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